“Sowing your Future”

We are a company dedicated to improving farmers lives with superior seed varieties and dedicated technical support, helping thjem build a sustainable business and create better and healthier lives for farmers and the world they feed. Better seeds for better vegetables, we are dedicated to “Sowing your Future”.

Who we are

USAgriseeds is a breeding company focused on vegetable seed crops for open field cultivation. The company, founded over 20 years ago has been in highly successful in the creation and development of cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, melons, watermelons and squash. With breeding locations, strategically located in Woodland, California and Sinaloa, Mexico, we have over 140 acres of research space available that enables us to benefit from natural (counter) seasons and grow our crops 12 month per year.  Our team of breeders and scientists are applying the latest cutting-edge technology, creating new and exciting varieties for growers all over the world.

USAgriseeds is an integral part of Axia Vegetable Seeds Group, headquartered in the Netherlands. We market our varieties under two main brands USAgriseeds brand for open field and Axia brand for protected greenhouse crops.


By listening and working closely with our customers we created powerful partnerships allowing us to  understand the growers needs and developing creative solutions for opportunities or challenges that the industry encounters.  Our team of scientists work in lock step with the product development, commercial and the growers.

One Team

At USAgriseeds we believe in “One Team”. None of the exciting varieties that we have developed and will be developing in the future have or will be created without the hard work and tireless efforts of all our colleagues. We believe the secret of our success is our commitment to our employees and the customers that we service. We see the growers as part of our extended team that enable us and them to be successful.

Sowing your Future

Sowing Your Future is USAgriseeds slogan, referring to our teams commitment to improving farmers livelihoods by creating innovative and new varieties, and by providing the highest levels of technical support, setting our customers up for the Future.

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Research and development

At USAgriseeds the focus is on the customer. By our customers, we don’t just mean the growers but all the links in the supply chain, including end consumers. To develop new varieties, we listen carefully to the expectations of the market. Our R&D team uses the latest breeding techniques to turn these expectations into innovative new varieties.

Our employees work on research and development at our 2 main research stations in Woodland California and Culiacan Mexico, further supported by screening facilities in South America, Central America, East Coast US and the Middle East.  This extensive network of breeding and screening  facilities makes it possible for us to develop new varieties faster.

Trusted partners

We have many years of experience in the production of seeds with trusted partners all over the world. These partners adhere to the highest quality standards and work closely with USAgriseeds on seed health specifications to assure premium seed quality for our customers.  To meet the high standards that we set for ourselves, we work with a quality management system with established procedures and work instructions.

All our production sites are also audited periodically by an independent auditor. This provides certainty about the production process and provides reliable information about the quality of the production sites or a particular seed lot. This guarantees the availability of healthy seeds and plants.


Customer Centricity

All what we do at USAgriseeds we do with the customer (growers) in mind. Therefor we partner early on in the research and developments process with growers. While our breeders apply the latest breeding techniques to create new varieties, the customer provides valuable inputs on the needs both on agronomic and consumer traits. Once a variety reaches pre-commercial stage, our team of agronomist work hand in hand with the grower and provide trusted technical support.

Innovative range of products
Superior seed quality
Expert and Passionate Agronomist
Latest R&D Technology
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One Global Company

USAgriseeds and Axia Vegetable Seeds operate under the global umbrella of Axia Vegetable Seeds Group. With the two brands and teams we serve a global market. While the Axia team focuses on the high tech greenhouse segment, USAgriseeds is focused on open field and mid tech greenhouse segments. USAgriseeds established representation strategically located in North, Central and South America, as well as in Middle East, Turkey & Europe.

Certifications & social involvement

Good Seed and Plant Practices (GSPP)

GSPP includes a list of international hygiene requirements to prevent contamination of tomato seeds and plants with Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis (Cmm). For example, the guidelines state that hands must be washed thoroughly with disinfectant soap after every action. Mobile phones are not allowed in the greenhouses and we work with disposable overalls and hairnets. In this way, we don’t leave anything to chance.

socially engaged

USAgriseeds breeds & develop high quality vegetable seeds with respect for the people the environment and nature. This is reflected in several ways. For example, we to develop hybrids with shorter growing cycles, reducing valuable water resources. Another example is development of varieties that have higher yields on the same surface (sq. meter), reducing both water, energy and fertilizer and chemical inputs.

International Seed Testing Assocation (ISTA)

USAgriseeds is an active member of the International Seed Health Initiative for Vegetable crops (ISHI-Veg), which provides a forum for exchanging information, sharing expertise on seed health testing and facilitating the development of new seed health tests.  

our focus

Our focus is on developing nutritious products in a socially responsible way. Products that fit within a healthy diet so we contribute to everyone’s well being.

Our team



“At USAgriseeds and Axia we strive for perfection every day”


“I started at Axia in the year that Axia introduced the first variety in the Netherlands. It is nice to work at Axia, because you get a lot of freedom and responsibility. If you handle that properly, you will have the best job in the world! ”


“Working for USAgriseeds feels like working for a small family owned company, people really care about the individuals”


“I feel that we are well on our way in making a big impact for the everchanging agricultural community and I want to be part of that”


"Our team is working enthusiastically to address the challenges the farming community is facing and also creating new market types with value-added traits that can reap greater profits for farmers."


“Being able to work with coworkers who are as passionate as I am about the seed industry, makes going to work everyday such a delight!”


"Every day is an opportunity to do my job better and offer added value to the team and our customers."


“I enjoy knowing that my work is going to towards feeding future generations with healthy and sustainable vegetables”.


“Excited to be part of a great team and organization that has enormous potential to make a difference for the growers”


"Yields have increased with 35%, which put more money in growers pockets"
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