Sm Salmonu

“Cobra” Cucumber Consommé with smoked salmon

      This dish is for 4 persons


      For the Cucumber Consommé:

      Split the cucumbers lengthwise, remove the seeds and roughly chop. Season with salt and let rest for 30 min. Strain any liquid from the cucumbers and gently rinse. Add cucumbers to a blender and blend until smooth, using minimal water if needed to blend. Pour cucumber liquid into a fine strainer and let it drip through without pushing the solids through. Season with lime juice and more salt if needed. Refrigerate until needed.

      To serve:

      Combine the mint and yogurt in a mixing bowl and season with a pinch of salt. Place a dollop of yogurt in the bottom of four soup bowls and gently place smoked salmon on top so it is “fluffy.” Place the shaved fennel on top. Pour the cucumber consomm. around, being careful not to disturb the yogurt. Finish with micro basil leaves.


      4“Cobra” cucumbers
      2 tspkosher salt
      juice from 1 lime
      1/2 cyogurt
      1 tspfinely chopped mint
      1/2fennel bulb, finely shaved,
      preferably with a mandolin
      8 oz. smoked salmon, sliced
      1/2 cmicro basil leaves, or some other tiny green

      Sm Salmon
      Sm Salmon

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